Technical and business strategies to maximise return from upstream oil & gas assets

At IMRANND we believe that to maximise asset value, an intimate knowledge of operations, asset integrity and strategic business intent are fundamental.

Formed by a team with many years' experience working within tier one oil and gas operators and major service companies, IMRANDD combines technical, business and financial expertise to apply a “big picture” value driven approach to securing maximum return and safe operations.

Our unique tri-service capability enables IMRANDD to build a comprehensive understanding of your organisational requirements and deliver innovative technical and commercial solutions aligned with your corporate strategy, ensuring assets deliver.

About us

IMRANDD is a business focused multidiscipline group of engineers and oil and gas professionals with broad experience in the management of upstream oil & gas assets. We have extensive background in asset integrity management and can provide specialist engineering support and solutions for fixed and floating offshore structures, marine systems and pressure systems.

As well as being highly qualified and experienced engineers our team also hold business and financial qualifications and have direct experience of dealing with the financial pressures of oil and gas operations. This allows us to deliver not just tailored engineering solutions but to also help our clients develop their business to deliver cost effective means of safely and efficiently maintaining their assets.

The team’s broad range of skills and experience makes IMRANDD uniquely placed to help organisations, investors or other stakeholders fully understand the integrity of their assets. Once ascertained, this critical knowledge can be used to optimise business strategies, further mitigate risk and pursue improvement opportunity.


The comprehensive range of engineering and business expertise held by our team allow us to provide advisory and support services both directly to upstream oil and gas operators and to other stakeholders such as partners and investors. IMRANDD can offer services from technical review of existing upstream assets to audit of supporting business processes and review and development of integrity strategies to compliment business goals.

Our capabilities include:
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Business process audit and development
  • Technical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Whole asset life cycle analysis
  • Financial screening of projects and integrity strategies
  • Development and audit of integrity strategies, management systems and associated processes
  • Decommissioning strategy and planning
  • Reliability and maintence studies and planning
  • Cost engineering

Strategic Integrity Management

Strategic Integrity management looks at the business as a whole, developing strategies that provide tangible savings and an ability to operate ageing assets effectively, efficiently, safely and profitably.

  • This approach has a late life asset focus and incorporates:
  • Business Processes
  • Competency
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Anomaly Management
  • MMS
  • Integrity Strategies

Integrity management processes and strategies underpin the ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively, efficiently, safely and profitably.

Our vision of Strategic Integrity Management is to provide a robust methodology to ensure that the people, systems, processes and resources that deliver integrity are in place, and will perform when required over the whole lifecycle of the asset. Shortcomings identified in the HSE’s KP4 program are well understood and criticality of asset ageing effects on risk exposure to oil and gas operators is implicit in our approach to strategic integrity management.

Our “whole business” approach to assessment of asset integrity and how it’s managed also allows us to advise operators, partners and equity investors who require an understanding of investment potential and operational viability of oil and gas facilities and infrastructure.

Engineering Services

At the core of IMRANDD is a team of highly qualified multidiscipline engineers providing support tailored to our client's needs and offering inspection, maintence, repair and design solutions for fixed and floating offshore structures, marine systems and pressure systems.

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Strategy

The purpose of a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Strategy is fundamentally to manage structural and process risk.

IMRANDD tailors RBI Plans so they are in alignment with a company’s corporate risk requirements and satisfy the regulatory body of the area of operation. This is in addition to meeting the criteria set out by Classification Societies, if applicable.

The strategy is required to take into account the operational and safety margins and degradation mechanisms identified during asset inception that are to be reviewed during its use. This is achieved by tailoring a client's inspection, monitoring, and maintenance activities to achieve cost effective management of risk.

Inspection Plan Management and Updating

As the program is executed, this document provides the details for conducting the inspection portion of the IM (inspection & monitoring) program. This entails surveillance (inspection and/ or monitoring activities), recording of the data obtained during the inspections and recording of any observed anomalies.

The plan is subject to continual review to ensure that inspection efforts are adequate and focused on the latest known condition. Monitoring results from the review allows for an appreciation of how the system is performing.

In addition to this review process, at the end of each calendar year an Annual Health Check review meeting will be conducted in order to review the previous year’s inspection results, anomalies and any outstanding (e.g. pending repairs or outstanding inspections or action items).These items are then covered by a formal risk assessment for continued operation. During this review meeting the next years proposed work would be optimised.

Inspection Planning and Support

The task of inspection planning and support is defining the scope of work required to meet the criteria set out in the integrity strategy at a time specified in the client’s asset plan.

The scope of work for individual inspections are to capture all of the inspection tasks set out in the inspection plan which is informed by the asset specific RBI or prescriptive plan. The defined inspection scope takes the form of inspection worksheets or inspection workbooks and should be generated, checked, approved and delivered to the inspection enactment company in a timely manner prior to the inspection date. IMRANDD can also provide on-shore support by structural integrity engineers and naval architects during the inspection, providing timely assessment of any anomalous findings and direction on any subsequent adjustment of the work scope to inspection team.

Safe Systems of Work: Confined Space & Hazardous Environments

Maintaining oil and gas assets inevitably requires working in confined spaces and dealing with potentially hazardous environments. IMRANDD engineers have considerable experience in developing means of safe working in some of the most complex and difficult confined space environments. This has varied from working at the very bottom of concrete gravity based structures through to providing hot work solutions for on-station and producing FPSOs.

The special case of FPSOs

FPSOs require regular entry into the tanks not only to carry out inspections, often as part of classification, but also to maintain the integrity of the vessel. To do so requires safe systems of work allowing maintenance of coatings, anodes, valves and control systems, and the hull structure itself and pre-works such as de-mucking and cleaning.

As FPSOs age the frequency of inspection required for classification will increase as will the need to intervene to carry out repairs and maintenance. Similarly, in new build FPSO’s an increased number of defects are often discovered in the early years of operation. Safe intervention requires systems of work that incorporate both hardware such as ventilation and gas detection and the processes and procedures to control work and access allowing work to be carried out while on station and in production.

IMRANDD engineers are experienced in developing bespoke solutions for all types of on-station repair from cold work solutions to providing complete safe systems of work allowing hot work to be safely carried out while still in production.

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