A new era for industrial asset management

Imrandd’s latest technology, ALERT, offers a revolutionary way to manage large physical assets. ALERT monitors for integrity threats, allowing operators to act before damage occurs. It provides visual and mathematical modelling of degradation, down to test point level, making event-driven inspection a reality.



Currently day-to-day visibility of the corrosion status of an asset is low. Engineers compile monthly or quarterly reports and owing to the time investment required, there is limited capacity for more frequent monitoring.

ALERT will turn this on its head. Our cutting-edge system enhances visibility by capturing discreet operational changes that stay within IoW thresholds. These nuanced alterations, often overlooked by corrosion engineers, are seamlessly addressed by ALERT’s automated processes. The tool excels in accounting for intricate interactions between changes, a task impractical for manual execution. For operators, this translates to substantial workload savings, both onshore and offshore and the ability to predict emerging integrity threats before they escalate into urgent concerns.


Whilst this level of technical operation is technically possible, the sheer volume and siloed nature of data sets, along with the extensive engineering requirements, have made it practically impossible. ALERT changes the game by making advanced operation feasible for entire assets.


ALERT’s degradation modelling enables engineers to ask “what if” questions. Simulate the impact of new processes, variables, or equipment changes on your asset’s integrity. Gain the insights you need for scenario and budget planning ahead of time.


  • Live process flow – Gain a near real-time view of asset processes with an alarm system for corrosion or remaining life thresholds.
  • Drilldown capability – Easily access detailed information on anomalies.
  • Data quality metrics – Access underlying data quality metrics and plots.
  • User-friendly setup – Recognisable technical drawings with coloured status indicators to keep you informed.
  • Customisable system – Create your own dashboards to focus on what matters most to your asset.
  • Future insights – Simulate the effects of upcoming process changes and predict degradation rates.



  • Event-driven inspection – Move your asset towards proactive event-driven inspection.
  • In-depth insights – Access a wide range of asset data in one place. Visualise integrity issues and understand their impact.
  • Detect and flag changes – identifies system changes and hot spots that could affect integrity and inform RBI.
  • Estimated 20-40% reduction in inspection workload whilst enhancing safety and performance.