Digitised output from 80,000 documents achieved in two days using EXTRACT


The project aim was to process a set of multiformat historical inspection data into a single digital database ready to be categorised, analysed, and trended. This would enable the Operator to accurately identify inspection coverage, degradation rates, and remaining life of the platform systems.


Our client had been operating this asset in the North Sea for many years and like many operators was continuing to generate increasing quantities of data as part of normal inspection activities. Shortfalls in the IDMS meant optimisation of corrosion monitoring locations (CML) and re-numbering of documents was labour intensive. Working manually, the team struggled to manage the large volume of drawings and accurately follow numbering systems, especially where cross-overs, multiple formats, and duplicates occurred.


Imrandd’s approach combined traditional technical consultancy with our smart, in-house technology, EXTRACT.
Initially, Imrandd levied its manpower to conduct a full review of the inspection material and manually identify and remove duplicates. Once completed, the Imrandd analytics team created a system framework and process that would cleanse and categorise the data from drawings and other legacy data sets. Imrandd also reviewed the data and ensured that all tags were categorised appropriately.

With a structured framework established, EXTRACT was deployed to distil and re-categorise the data into one central repository. Our digitisation tool automated this process using the latest techniques in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This process was completed quickly and accurately in 2 days, giving the client a single database, ready for future analysis.


  • A full, searchable repository of all inspection data with a clear categorisation and numbering process
  • Full visibility of historical inspection data, ready for further analysis
  • Rapid results – EXTRACT’s automated extraction technique produced results in a matter of days
  • Consultative and bespoke support that addressed previously unsolvable unique challenges


Within two weeks, the client had access to their digitised data. With the outputs from EXTRACT, they could visualise data at system level and identify discrepancies with ease. This has provided the operator with a significantly improved view of potential risks and has helped to refocus inspection management across the assets.

The digitised data is ready to be processed through EXACT or a similar analytics tool, supporting the client to achieve integrity and operational efficiencies across their assets in the future.