Consolidate disparate data – unlock, extract, organise

Consolidate disparate data – unlock, extract, organise

The challenge

Operators of large complex infrastructures often warehouse high volumes of unstructured, decentralised data, in various formats, that have been collected and reported during inspection, repair and maintenance activities. To unlock the valuable information held in that data, and fuel data-driven decisions, a means of quickly, accurately and cost-effectively extracting and reorganising data is needed.

The Imrandd Solution

Imrandd’s EXTRACT solution ingests and distils disparately stored, effectively inaccessible data, then digitises and consolidates it into one centralised database ready for analysis.

A combination of techniques, including the most recent advances in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and computer vision, enables vast volumes of data to be processed rapidly. Our operators can take any volume of data and unlock the value it holds with a cost-effective, automated, best-in-class solution.

EXTRACT can automate data entries from reports, then create data sets that go as far back as your records do. It’s also extremely fast, delivering results that are impossible to achieve manually in the same time-frame.

In summary

  • Pull data from multi-format sources and from different report types
  • Allows validation of the extracted data within the tool, quickly and efficiently, giving you confidence in the digitised data
  • Produces rapid results – automated extraction techniques enable the extraction of large datasets within days rather than months

EXTRACT brings a rapid, reliable solution to the challenge of digitising and organising legacy data from ageing assets, unlocking valuable information that is ready to examine, trend, and analyse. The data output from EXTRACT can be fed into an IDMS, or run through analytics software such as EXACT to build a clear picture of an asset’s condition.

Unlock the valuable information in your current data

Used across a range of heavy industries such as oil and gas, renewables, utilities and more.