Imrandd Features in OEUK Supply Chain Report 2023

Last week, Offshore Energies UK published the Supply Chain Report for 2023, which made for a sobering read. It is no secret that the energy sector supply chain has faced severe challenges in recent years, external factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftereffects, oil price fluctuations and international pressures have brought uncertainty and upheaval. The report confirmed uncertainties with existing contracts and fewer business opportunities amidst labour shortages.

It is not all bad news however; the report highlighted the vital role of the supply chain in helping operators reach net zero through collaboration, ambitious innovation, and revolutionary technologies.

Imrandd is proud to feature in the report with a case study highlighting how we are helping operators deliver safe, efficient, and environmentally focused operations using our digital technology. We are one business among many, part of a world-leading supply chain. Individually and as an industry, we are all playing our part in the next phase, supporting the industry to overcome these challenges and continue delivering more sustainable energy solutions.

Read the full report here, find us on page 33.