Imrandd focus on empowering teams with coaching business Human Factor Matters

At Imrandd, we are dedicated to delivering the highest possible value to our clients. One of the ways we ensure this is by constantly seeking to improve in every aspect of the business: we believe that this is the key to the industry-leading services and technologies we provide.

The high calibre of Imrandd is underpinned by the quality and capability of its people. In 2023, the business will be taking major strides forward in the commitment to workforce development.

Ranald Cartwright, General Manager at Imrandd explained the approach further:

“In busy, tech-focused environments like ours, it would be so easy to fixate on technical competence and overlook the range of skills that are needed for success. At Imrandd, we champion the breadth and diversity of our teams and empower them to develop a well-rounded skill set that includes and complements their technical prowess.

We are delighted to have engaged Janice Douglas of Human Factor Matters to work closely with our teams on the development of critical competencies, including those that go beyond normal CPD.”

For 30 years, Janice Douglas has worked with individuals and businesses to help them accurately develop, measure, and assess specific and accredited learning, development, and competence requirements.

Human Factor Matters focuses on the cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to effectively manage team-based activity, rather than just the technical knowledge and skills required to perform specific operations. Imrandd has signed up to Janice’s credit-based subscription which means coaching and training can fit around the needs of both individuals and the wider business.

The team at Imrandd are delighted to be working with Janice and are looking forward to advancing our development as an organisation together!

For more information, visit the Human Factor Matters website here.