Maintaining the balance by extracting the value

Imrandd is delighted to be supporting a new operator in the UKCS with data extraction tools that will enable faster decision making and provide insight and viability on what was previously unstructured and decentralised data.

The software will provide the new customer with the ability to identify gaps, similarities and generate key data outputs across three sizeable late life assets by harnessing historical data to improve equipment maintenance and inspection strategies.

Imrandd’s team of specialist data engineers are currently building the isometric register and dashboard to house this new centralised system which will be used to identify areas of improvement for maintenance and inspection management.

Chris Blake, Head of New Business at Imrandd said:

“We’re delighted to have won this project with a new, global customer and excited to provide something unique to an industry that traditionally suffers from information overload when it comes to data management. Our data extraction tool will provide significant cost reductions without compromising on operational safety.”

Imrandd’s software finds and extracts data irrespective of the file type or format, taking analogue isometric information and pulling into one, centralised and easy to use register. From there, engineers and data scientists can then review initial results and interpret, translate and realise this within days and weeks so that customers see the benefits almost immediately.

Using a suite of analytical tools means that data can be thoroughly collated and checked, with anomalies or ‘bad actors’ being pulled, separated and reviewed by integrity engineers and data scientists to ensure every aspect is thoroughly inspected.

Imrandd can also add predictive modelling to the mix, helping operators manage the vast amount of inspection and maintenance information that was previously locked away, inaccessible or too hard to decipher. This enables customers to leverage information across other similar assets and equipment types to help ‘future-proof’ inspection and maintenance regimes.

The solutions also identify equipment tags with significantly higher failure rates so that these can be categorised and mitigated, bringing new found precision and detail to identify areas most likely to be high risk.

To find out how Imrandd can help unlock the untapped value within your asset by quickly assessing previously inaccessible or unorganised datasets, click here.