Meet the people who make Imrandd: Rati Seth

We are so grateful to have so many wonderful people onboard, making great things happen at Imrandd. Up next in our ‘People who make Imrandd’ series is Rati!

Rati joined us in 2019 and has played a key role in supporting Imrandd’s growth to date. We asked Rati a few questions to find out a bit more about her time at Imrandd…

Describe your job in 5 words.

Challenging, Varied, Engaging, People-focussed, Change-making.

Tell us about your background.

I have lived and worked in India, Australia, Singapore, and now the United Kingdom. Prior to Imrandd, I had a professional background in the Banking industry that spanned nearly a decade. I was a Relationship Manager for multinational corporations operating in Singapore, supporting their banking requirements across the ASEAN region. These companies typically had their Regional Treasury Centres based in Singapore. My portfolio of clients spanned a wide range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Airlines, Luxury & Retail Brands, and Medical Equipment Manufacturers.

What’s the coolest or most interesting thing you’ve done at Imrandd?

The most interesting thing that I have done at Imrandd is to bring some extraordinary people into the business. When I started work with Imrandd in 2019, the company size was approximately 25 people. It is now well over 60. That has been pretty amazing!

Part of my job is to ensure that our people have happy working lives, so that they can deliver excellence. My responsibilities are varied, and include things like strategic human resource management, business planning, and QHSE management. I try to create a positive workspace in all sorts of ways, ranging from setting up effective infrastructure (guidance and policies), to offering a high-quality working environment, to having honest conversations about job satisfaction, individual aspirations, and mental health. The need of the hour is ever-changing, and that’s what I find the most interesting.

Best thing about being part of the Imrandd Team?

The best thing about being a part of the Imrandd team is exactly that—we truly are a team. Everyone works in their different ways, pulling towards common goals together as an organisation. What differentiates us is that we are not formal and bureaucratic—we are professional peers, and oftentimes we are also friends.

What did you want to grow up to be when you were little?

When I was little, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. In fact, I was one in the earliest part of my working life! Somewhere along the way, I underwent a series of pivots and transitions on my journey, and now here I am. I have enjoyed the variety.

Tell us an interesting fact we wouldn’t know about you.

I used to do a little busking during my years at university!

What’s your go to karaoke song?

“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.