Our Story

About Us

Imrandd was born from a desire to disrupt the way the industry manages asset integrity, improving asset performance and profitability.

Frustrated with inspectors driving critical engineering decisions, and the common assumption that integrity management was based on carrying out as many inspections as possible. Imrandd was created to break the cycle and to help asset owners manage integrity efforts from both a commercial and engineering perspective.

Innes, our CEO believes that:

“Asset management should always be about finding the most cost-effective way to safely maintain assets at their profit centre. Decisions should be driven by considering both business and engineering principles, however, too often engineering drives the process without consideration for the commercial implications these decisions will have on both short and long-term profitability.“

Breaking the cycle

Our team of problem-solvers wanted to ensure that our customers’ business priorities were balanced, and that all available resource at an operator’s disposal could be utilised in the most cost-effective way. By asking the fundamental questions such as “Do we really need to do this?” and “Do we have all the available resources to manage this campaign cost effectively?”, Imrandd began challenging the status quo and turning traditional integrity management on its head.

The upside is clear – better decisions lead to more efficiencies, increased profitability and most importantly, an improved risk and safety profile.

Using data to deliver the best outcomes

Managing the data is an age-old problem. The Imrandd team began developing a data analytics tool to underpin and further the drive for increased and rapid efficiencies. EXACT was created to cleanse and correct large integrity datasets, map and predict degradation and provide valuable insights, reducing risk and saving OPEX.

Our team prides itself in having a strong and ethical mindset, with value, integrity and sustainability always at our core. Supporting research into, and developing software and technical solutions to enable energy transition will focus heavily in Imrandd’s future. We are currently working on a number of initiatives that support the development clean energy technology and are also creating solutions that will enable our customers to reduce their carbon emissions.

Join our team

Are you…dedicated to data? Passionate about business? Built to solve complex problems?

If any one of these attributes resonates with you and you feel you could positively contribute to our growing organisation and continued success – we’d love you to get in touch.

We’re always keen to hear from people with talent, passion and drive who believe that there’s power in thinking differently. Be part of a diverse and innovative team, where your voice matters.

Our people are the heart of Imrandd, we believe passionately about creating a workplace where people feel valued and like they belong. It’s always about bringing together the best minds to solve our customers’ challenges in the most commercially viable and ethical way.

At Imrandd, diversity is anchored in our bedrock. We firmly believe that a diverse, collaborative and empowered workforce is a successful workforce. This enables us to stay relevant, innovative and creative.