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We thrive on collaborating, sharing ideas and solving problems. We are proud of the relationships we have with our industry partners, academia, our peers, our customers, competitors – because conversations and collaborations mean a better outcome for all.

Partnerships and affiliations


Celebrating the power of difference has always been at the heart of Imrandd and we strive to remain relevant, smart and innovative through our inclusiveness and our dedication to ensuring a balanced, fair and fun place for our people to work. Our commitment to innovation and D&I has been recognised with our success in the following recent awards:


Innovative Supply Chain Company of the Year (SME)

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Company of the Year 2021

ABFE Scotland


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200,000 + equipment tags & 180+ equipment types extracted, sorted, condensed

digitisation of an entire asset’s data

reduction in annual inspection cost with EXACT

saved through engineering innovation on one integrity project

saving for one operator generated by refining asset management goals

What our customers think

“We are extremely pleased to share our experience with the recent Integrity Assessment Project for the Excalibur FPSO, a crucial endeavour in ensuring the long-term viability of our asset in the Avalon Field of the North Sea. At Ping Petroleum, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining asset integrity while minimising offshore interventions and the collaboration with Imrandd and GDi has proven to be a very clever and cost-effective way to gain the results we required.  

The project’s objective was clear: to comprehensively assess the integrity of the Excalibur FPSO and identify key priorities for replacement, repair, or maintenance. This strategic approach aimed to secure a seamless operational life for the field, up to the current designated cessation of production year in 2035. Imrandd and GDi’s expertise and proprietary technology were instrumental in helping us achieve this goal.  

The scope of work was large, focusing on a thorough examination of the topsides pressure systems, internal and external integrity evaluations, data analysis and providing actionable recommendations. The use of GDi’s Vision tool in combination with Imrandd’s analytics technology provided a comprehensive data extraction, cleansing, and formatting process from which a robust and accurate foundation was built to base our decisions.  

Overall, the novel way in which the experienced engineers at Imrandd and GDI completed this project was a creative and cost-effective method to achieve the integrity assessment of our Excalibur FPSO”. 

Paul Atherton, Avalon Project Topsides Engineer , Ping Petroleum UK

“We are delighted to share our experience working with Imrandd on the late life optimisation project for our pressure systems across CNR’s Ninian South, Ninian Central, and Tiffany assets. The approach utilised existing integrity and inspection data to identify opportunities where inspection requirements could be optimised or even eliminated prior to reaching CoP.  

The ‘data driven’ methodology showcased a deep understanding of the importance of historical data in making informed decisions. Imrandd’s team not only demonstrated their engineering expertise but combined this with their innovative data analytics technology. Imrandd have helped us to revise and enhance our late life strategy for these assets, leading to significant cost savings.” 

Toby Rider, Decommissioning Superintendent , CNRI

“We’ve had EXACT fully deployed for 5 weeks now, and the results we’re achieving are nothing short of phenomenal. Our degradation risk profile on our pipework is much clearer and we’re able to make decisions much faster and with much more confidence, reducing our inspection enactment significantly.”

Integrity Manager, UKCS Operator