The innovative technology at the forefront of our offering

EXACT accurately maps and predicts engineering, inspection and maintenance activities by cleansing, correcting and interpreting large data sets.

It then maps and predicts degradation to deliver actionable insights guaranteed to significantly reduce OPEX and improve asset management efficiencies. It processes data sets, enabling intuitive identification of failure patterns and hot spots.

EXTRACT brings a rapid, reliable solution to the challenge of digitising and organising legacy data from ageing assets, unlocking valuable information that is ready to examine, trend, and analyse.

The data output from EXTRACT can be fed into an Integrated Database Management System (IDMS), or run through analytics software such as EXACT to build a clear picture of an asset’s condition.

Significantly reduces the overall cost of maintaining assets to COP, with safer operation and reduced downtime through a digitised, holistic predictive approach.

It delivers a simplified interpretation, planning and prioritisation of work, regardless of the size of dataset involved which provides added confidence in integrity decision making, such as deferment, life extension or prioritisation of maintenance campaigns.

With a multitude of difficult decisions to be made by asset owners, and ever more limited resources, REFLEX provides the optimum course of action by making use of both data already collected and the rapidly changing data gathered every day.

With continued market fluctuations, manning restrictions, project cancellations and delays asset managers need to find new, sustainable ways of working to ensure continued safe, profitable operations.

Digitising asset management

The great thing about data is there’s normally plenty of it. It might not be in a usable format or you may struggle to initially see the value, but we do – and we can help you see it too.

All of our products can be provided as stand-alone software services, but we add the most value, and you gain the biggest return, when they are used in combination or through a managed consultancy service.

Our commitment is always to ensure the service we deliver to our customers is responsible, sustainable and profitable.

Innovation in the pipeline

Imrandd has a track record in conceptualising and delivering software and digital tools that address previously unsolved industry challenges. Below is just one example of where our R&D and technical teams are working hard to solve the very real issues we know our customers are struggling with. If you’d like to talk about these in more detail, or have a problem of your own we can help you with, we’d love to chat it through and see where we can apply our expertise.


A cost effective multispectral visual monitoring system with advanced imaging and post-processing capability that enables both low cost remote inspection for points of interest on an asset, and an acuity level beyond current human capability. In the field, an Optix system consists of a network of tough, meshed camera modules, these transmit raw image data for server-side processing, accessible from the office at a moments notice. A combination of multimodal, near-hyperspectral, stereo imagery enables visual accuracy exceeding standard inspection techniques. Photogrammetry, Image measurement, and change detection are available to office based engineering resource, rather than costly and logistically difficult remote deployments. OPTIX brings remote visual inspection into the digital age, providing low cost, accurate visual monitoring and damage tracking, easy to access data output and helpful built in analysis, and a consistent dataset providing a solid foundation for further automated or AI based analysis.