REFLEX tool demonstrates life extension of asset by 5-10 years


Imrandd were engaged to support a Life Extension Project for a North Sea FPSO. The client was up against business and operational constraints, backlogs and deferrals were increasing with KPI’s and daily performance measures impacting assurance and company risk profile. Imrandd’s consultants were engaged to develop a coherent plan to tackle the backlog of repair orders and enable the continuation of safe, profitable, and sustainable operations for the remaining life of the asset.


Poor anomaly management and repair order attainment had built up over many years impacting scope execution. The scope of repair orders was too large to prioritise manually as well as a myriad of constrained resources including bed space, man hours, deferrals, deadline dates and covid-19 restrictions.


Where current planning and optimisation software zeroes in on a single critical path based on project risk management and schedule compliance, REFLEX’s optimisation engine drives a more holistic approach to the competing variables. With REFLEX’s optimising capability, our consultants can run multiple scenarios to organise activities and find the optimum route through any complex project.
Our output provided senior management with a robust plan extending the operational life by 10 years as well as detailed case providing information allowing fundamental decision making on budgeting, additional risk and resourcing shortfalls.


  • Asset life extension supported until 2035
  • Client has confidence in a fully prioritised repair order plan
  • Clear visualisation of different resourcing scenarios
  • Visibility of upcoming scopes to aid risk management
  • Full details of regretted scopes, to aid deferrals


Imrandd’s team of expert consultants introduced REFLEX to address the specific challenges. A detailed improvement plan was developed, and activities optimised, the net result provided detailed data technically supporting the extension of the life of the asset to 2035. The deliverables were used to demonstrate to the HSE that a prioritised and risk-assessed program of works addressing safety critical backlog was in place and functioning. With a licensed solution in place, REFLEX can be run on a regularly basis providing continual assurance that safety critical life extension activities remain optimal and achievable throughout the assets next phase.