Resource optimisation

Fail to plan or plan to fail

The challenge

In the managing of complex infrastructures, particularly assets that are mature or beyond their design life, there are often more constraints than there are resources. Planning essential activities through the life-cycle of an asset requires a fine balancing act: resources, budget, manning, logistics, time, value for money, are all equally important.

With REFLEX, Imrandd supports asset teams by helping them to make informed, optimised decisions that account for all business priorities.

The Imrandd Solution

Where current planning and optimisation software zeroes in on a single critical path based on project risk management and schedule compliance. REFLEX’s optimisation engine drives a more holistic approach to the competing variables.

Imrandd’s approach is rooted in the long-term resource and financial constraints specific to your industry.

Consider the options efficiently

Use REFLEX to assess and provide alternative scenarios based on other constraints or approaches. With REFLEX’s optimising capability, your team can stack and streamline activities to find the best route through any complex project.

See the bigger picture

Accounting for critical dependencies, including safety and regulatory aspects. With powerful visualisations, REFLEX can easily and quickly show you your most optimal activity profile over a set period and highlight where your constraints are starting to bite into non-discretionary activity profiles.

Prioritise and work smarter

Enhance existing plans and schedules, starting operations on the best possible footing and helping maximise efforts for ongoing projects, particularly where costs and effort are spiralling.

Customised to your projects

REFLEX can be run as a one-off or as a regular update during a project cycle: use it to optimise the plan at the start of a life extension project. Unlike other planning tools, REFLEX can be used to re-baseline further down the line, adapting to any changes and constraints.

Enable transparent decision making

At any stage, your team can access a clear picture of the project schedule, framed by the available resources. With REFLEX your business can find the critical path through any complex project.

In summary

  • REFLEX is an activity optimisation tool
  • Output is adaptable and customisable based on project constraints
  • REFLEX optimises time and cost on your projects