Reliability in a changing energy mix

The world’s reliance on traditional fossil fuels is changing, and new technologies are unfolding continually. Traditional power generation technologies are also being upgraded and modernised for future use with the incorporation of new capabilities and know how. With this comes a need for assurance, reliability and above all else – the continued safety of physical assets and associated equipment.

As the energy transition towards net zero gains momentum, the way we consume power is evolving to include a mixed portfolio of energy sources. Conventional and renewable energy sources are adapting. Each sector has its own challenges, however ensuring the integrity and commercial viability of equipment, materials and components is what lies at the heart of the energy transition’s success – and that’s where Imrandd can help.

Oil & Gas – upstream

While energy transition is very much a focus for everyone, oil and gas will continue to play a vital role in energy security as well as long-term energy transition to cleaner sources. Naturally, there’s an increased focus on decarbonising assets, and digitally enabled operations is a big step in the right direction in the path to net zero for oil and gas.

Imrandd was born from a need for new ways of thinking to solve age-old oil and gas problems, and today, we still thrive on solving these oil and gas customers’ challenges. Our solutions address many of the issues faced by asset owners now, such as inefficiencies or inconsistent production, increasing backlog and lack of accurate prioritisation. We also address future concerns around resource and production optimisation, commercial viability, asset management decision support and reduced emissions.

Regardless of whether it’s a fixed platform, drilling rig, FPSO or onshore plant, oil and gas assets are frequently exposed to the toughest environmental and physical conditions and pushed to the extreme every day. Consistent performance is a major requirement – particularly for those assets operating far beyond their original life span.

Oil & Gas – downstream

Similar to upstream oil and gas, the downstream industry has a raft of critical pressure equipment to maintain and operate effectively and safely. The cost of failure is exceptionally high on downstream assets, many refineries have ageing infrastructure and in this highly regulated sector, safety is key.

Whether it’s the upgrade of an ageing facility, the management and mitigation of asset downtime or you need to comply with changing regulatory requirements, we have a wealth of experience in the downstream industry and can support more optimised and efficient operations.


Understanding the mechanisms that cause equipment degradation is important, without it you struggle to predict future performance and make the right decisions about how to proactively manage your plant. We’re supporting our utility customers in a number of ways – the digitisation of processes, resources and scheduling optimisation, external and remote condition monitoring, as well as creating efficient feedback loops within large scale industrial processes. Our solutions provide the granularity and clarity so that you understand when and how your infrastructure might fail, and you can optimise on commercial, operational and safety drivers.


Refining and petrochemicals continue to play an important role in the world’s energy consumption, with petrochemical products part of the fabric of our society. Digital devices, clothing, tyres, detergents, plastics and many more everyday items meaning they are becoming the largest driver of global oil demand. Owing to the diverse range of products created, operators are responsible for a wide range of equipment types, materials and processes.

The process industry operates under large risk profiles taking into account the dangerous leakages, loss of containment, explosive materials or formation of toxins. Ensuring the safety and integrity of these assets is paramount. By enabling you to optimise inspections, minimise unplanned downtime and improve planning for shutdowns we can help you ensure safe, continued and consistent operability.


Wind, solar, hydro biofuels, geothermal and other renewables have been harnessed to support a more sustainable, carbon neutral energy system. All of these solutions are highly technical and complex, with various equipment that needs regular inspection, maintenance and repair. We can help optimise inspection plans, ensuring maximum uptime and efficiencies for this developing group of power generation resources.

Civil Infrastructure

The design, construction, maintenance and transportation of critical infrastructure is complex and risky business. Often situated in heavily populated areas, the severity of a poorly managed and maintained asset could have catastrophic consequences. We provide technical consulting support to ensure assets are safely and properly maintained and inspected, as well as supporting technology such as external condition monitoring, data extraction and organisation tools and digitally focused integrity management and RBIs.

Imrandd was born from a need for new ways of thinking to solve age-old oil and gas problems, and today, we still thrive on solving these challenges across a range of industries.