Performance leading analytics, data science and machine learning for industry

At Imrandd, we use data science to collate and then monitor complex operations, identifying risks before they occur, as well as providing confidence in where, when and how to optimise inspection and integrity scopes. We do this with the aim of helping clients manage their assets responsibly, sustainably and profitably.

Gaining control and visibility of asset performance through the collection, interpretation and management of data facilitates better planning, cuts out the fat in asset management and helps maximise remaining life.

Digitise – Analyse – Optimise

The current paradigm in large physical asset management is that data is often sporadically gathered and then periodically analysed by humans to make lagging, reactive decisions that don’t always consider the full commercial picture.

The convergence of the changes currently being wrought by the growth in automation and advances in data science means that we can dynamically and continuously gather, organise, cleanse, store, analyse, visualise data. We can derive dynamic, real time actions to enable decision making that has the impact of lowering cost and improving reliability and maintenance of physical assets over their life.

So whatever your issue, if it involves data we’re sure we can help.

Digital capability underpinned by technical expertise

We have developed a suite of data science and predictive analytics tools to deliver leading, not lagging asset integrity management. We apply the latest thinking in data science to current and future challenges, focusing on operational excellence and efficiencies. Our technologies come with customised training from our expert team to support effective deployment within your own asset teams.

Our products can be offered as standalone or integrated solutions, and they have enabled countless asset owners to drastically refine and reduce their onsite inspections, streamline their assets’ performance and achieve considerable cost savings to support long-term profitability.

Technical and commercial leadership

The perfect balance of data science and smart minds.

Behind our software and analytics sits a highly capable team of data scientists and engineers. At Imrandd we believe that it’s the combination of data science and highly technical, problem-solving minds that enables us to provide differentiation and value to our customers.

If you have a challenge with your asset’s performance – we’re confident we can help.