Our commitment to sustainability

Imrandd is committed to minimising the impact it has on the planet. We have created a sustainable operating model where responsible decision-making is integral to the relationships we forge with our clients, our customers and our peers.

We care for our people and the environment in which we operate. We support our clients with their own sustainability goals by providing them with solutions that facilitate safe, responsible and sustainable operations.

We’re also busy working on Imrandd’s own sustainability charter, identifying more ways in which we can personally and collectively help mitigate our impact on the environment. The charter, which is due to be launched later this year, will provide a roadmap for how Imrandd intends to manage its future operations and environmental impact, as well as identify ways in which our solutions can have a positive impact on our customers’ sustainability goals.

Collaboration with Shift Geothermal

We’re working closely with Shift, an organisation created by industry experts and academia who share a strong desire to investigate the reuse and repurpose ageing fields and assets in a more environmentally responsible way.

Imrandd’s CEO, Innes is a founding member of Shift, and since its inception, Imrandd has supported the Group with technical and industry-focused advice and knowledge. Both Imrandd’s head of R&D, Chris Blake and Head of New Business, Steven Saunders have also recently pledged their support to Shift. Imrandd is providing due diligence and data analytics capability to support R&D and conceptualisation of Shift’s investigative projects.

Shift’s consortium of academic institutions and industry leaders have a proven track record in developing innovative technology and developing successful organisations in the energy market.

Shift’s aim is to develop, build and prove technology and business cases for geothermal power generation systems that can be used by oil and gas operators and CCS sites. The group has extensive practical experience of the oil and gas sector, fortified with extensive academic research and knowledge of alternative energy sources; with a particular focus on geothermal electricity generation. The group’s research and that of its extended network places it at the epicentre of geothermal R&D.

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