Who we are

Meet the team making data do more

Our Leadership Team

Innes Auchterlonie

Chief Executive Officer

Sripad Gopala

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Saunders

Head of Business Development

Ranald Cartwright

General Manager

Neil Skene

Operations Manager

Chris Blake

Head of Research and Development

Our Global Consultants

Mark Stone

Data Team Lead


Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and successfully deploy innovative solutions to deliver safe and profitable asset management. We also want to provide a rewarding environment for our stakeholders to invest in ideas and work in our company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to delight our clients with innovative, specialist Asset Management and Operations solutions that drive safety and asset profitability, and which meet the needs of today while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

We will work to foster a humane, culturally diverse and vibrant organisation where our people find their jobs interesting and rewarding.

Imrandd strives to be a recognised and respected brand in energy, utilities and continual process industries.

Our Values


We relentlessly pioneer intelligent, ground-breaking new ways to manage assets, reaching beyond the bounds of asset integrity in our search for solutions, never limited by the current playing field.


We are uncompromising in delivering value for money to clients and strive to exceed their expectations.


We are transparent, straight and honourable in our dealings.


We seek excellence in all our operations to create an effective and efficient organisation which will create a solid foundation that underpins all our other values.


We persistently strive for quality so that our customers are delighted with every job we undertake.