Bridging complexity with unrivalled technology and engineering expertise.

Optimised resources to add proven value

Imrandd’s consultancy solutions are applied effectively across the whole asset life cycle, and are transferable across all continual process industries.

Today we provide consultancy services to global operators in multiple sectors, helping asset owners and investors make sound, informed decisions about how to manage, invest, divest or reinvest so that they can get the most value from their facilities.

Our capable technical and commercial teams blend engineering and domain knowledge with cutting-edge data science to digitally integrate, model, simulate and optimise asset health and performance, always with a focus on reduced costs and increased efficiency.

We look across the whole value chain and work with you to identify the best commercial solution to achieve the best business outcomes. Whether you’re looking for support designing or developing a new asset, expanding or upgrading an existing one, or need specialist services for operations, integrity, or divestment/acquisition – we can help.

Due diligence and management consulting services

Making strategic decisions without all the information is risky, but often when it comes to the purchase or assessment of large facilities, legacy information can be hard to find or difficult to interpret and put in context. We provide guidance and support as well as detailed assessments on the condition and commercial viability of an asset so you can feel confident in your choices. 

Our specialist teams provide technical expertise and support to help you make informed decisions about process performance, energy usage and integrity, as well as operations management.

Consultative asset integrity

We support customers to become more proactive in how they manage the integrity of their assets and facilities. At Imrandd, we go beyond traditional inspection management solutions which can often be unreliable and ineffective. Instead we focus on using our proprietary digital capabilities to leverage data and analytical insights remotely. This enables us (and you) to perform in-depth analysis, and use this knowledge to drive inspection and operational decisions, resulting in more reliable and effective asset integrity management solutions.

On average we’re saving our customers >35% on their inspection enactment costs – year on year.

Consultative data science and investigative analytics

We help you make the most of your data so you can get ahead of the competition. Our investigative analytics give you a clear picture of what’s going on in your business, and our team of highly technical data scientists and engineers will then review the findings in detail to help you get the most out of your data. We’ll analyse and improve your current performance, help you reach your asset goals, and make sure operations are aligned with your wider commercial considerations. Rest assured we’ll help you achieve safe, measurable efficiencies, helping you to identify where to apply effort and resource for maximum gain, by providing a holistic view of your operations.

We’re here to help you every step of the way, from project development through to project execution activities. So if you’re looking for clear-headed, data driven guidance and support in making commercially justified decisions for your business, turn to us.

Talk to us over a virtual or in-person coffee to see how we can support you with your consultancy needs.