Go Beyond Inspection

Go Beyond Inspection

The challenge

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is a well defined methodology; however, the application of this process can vary widely. In many organisations, information is often managed by several stakeholders, in uncontrolled locations, with a constant stream of new inputs and updates from varied sources.

Across industry, creating and executing an effective, strategic plan presents organisations of all sizes with key challenges, including:

  • A lack of a clear, traceable, auditable record of decisions made
  • Poor control of information and versioning in legacy spreadsheet-based system

The Imrandd Solution – adaptable, digital, intuitive RBI software

Imrandd is an established, time served provider of asset integrity consultancy solutions. Our RBIQ application has been developed to streamline and enhance our client’s risk-based inspection processes and asset integrity strategies into a robust source of records and digital audit trails.

Our solution ensures all pertinent supporting information, documentation and engineering decisions are captured digitally, then consolidated in an easy-to-use cloud-based interface. RBIQ identifies and controls the data management risks of open-source spreadsheets.

In summary

Our bespoke RBI process and software solution provides the cornerstone for our advanced technologies. The software:

  • Is an easy to use, cloud-based RBI application that can be configured to align with any corporate risk matrix
  • Creates a live activity plan which is updated automatically, offering insight into ideal activity types, frequencies to manage threats
  • Offers qualitative assessment, consistent between multiple systems and assets
  • Simplifies interpreting, planning and prioritising future work, regardless of the size of the data sets involved
  • Manages data from topside pressure systems pipework and vessels, subsea pipework and pipelines, topsides and subsea structures, floating marine structures
  • Is a flexible application – your business has complete control of its data and can export it directly at any time
  • Provides a simple, cost effective and easy to implement data management solution

RBIQ brings greater confidence in integrity decision making, such as deferment, life extension or maintenance campaigns, which means improved integrity risk management, reduced costs and improved resource allocation.